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Photo Sharing Station

  • Instantly share your photos via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Let's make your event trend on social media! 

Animated GIF

  • Animated GIFs are the latest trend in social media!
  • We can create custom animated backgrounds and overlays that fit your event's theme.
  • This takes the photo booth experience to a whole new level!

Enclosed Photo Lounge Outdoor 10x10 Canopy

  • This is ideal if your event is outdoors and not under a covered area.
  • Dimensions: 12' tall (with top cover), sides are 10'x10' wide.
  • Water-resistant black with removable side walls. Can be dressed up with drapes for a more classy look!

Open View Photo Lounge

  • Let everyone see the fun to be had in taking photos!
  • The Open View Photo Lounge can be setup in almost any given space...the possibilities are endless!

Green Screen Experience with Digital Backdrops

  • Want your guests to remember "A night in Paris" after they depart your event? Let's bring the Paris scene your party via greenscreen!
  • We can make you pretend to surf, fly, jump, drive, upside-down, or even standing next to a celebrity!
  • Possibilities are endless with greenscreen!

Step-and-Repeat Backdrop

  • Picture yourself at a movie premiere. What do you see? The lights, the camera, the red carpets, the stars and the thing behind it all: the step-and-repeat backdrop!
  • Perfect for formal black tie affairs, the step-and-repeat backdrop has been a staple of all red carpet events. A custom Step-and-Repeat Backdrop is a great way to make your event memorable.
  • You can promote your business, show appreciation to your sponsors; take your event to the next level!
  • Although you see the step and repeat backdrops at formal red carpet events, that does not mean it is limited to just that. They're also perfect for all kinds of events whether its for a wedding, birthday, graduation party, reunion, outdoor event such as marathons, etc.

Slow Motion Booth

  • Do you love the slow motion feature on your iPhone? You can now have this slow motion experience at your event!
  • These are 5-second video clips of your guests jumping, throwing confetti, dancing, and just having fun, instantly converted to slow motion video and shared on social media!
  • Available with custom graphic overlays and backgrounds, premium backdrop or green screen.


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  • Popular addition for weddings and birthdays!
  • Choose from our collection of designs that fit any occasion and theme!
  • Our Elite Associate will print a duplicate photo every session, place it on the scrapbook, and ask your guests to write a note for you next to their photos. Way better than a traditional guestbook!
    We provide the scrapbook, materials, and an Elite Associate and deliver the end-product at the conclusion of your event.

  • Dimensions: 12"x12" with 20 pages double-sided. Custom sizes and covers available by request.
    Click here to view some photos.

Premium Props

  • These aren't cheap cardboard lips and mustaches or homemade inkjet printer signs. We only use the best quality props in the market. We have a wide variety of props for any event and theme you can imagine!
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Enclosed Photo Lounge

  • We are not a fan of those small enclosed tents that belong outdoors...they're claustrophobic and hot inside!
  • Looking for more privacy when taking photos? This setup is for you!
  • Luxurious black drape enclosure not only adds privacy but adds a mysterious & classy feel to your event. We can dress up the enclosure with any colors according to your event's theme. Dream it up and we'll make it happen..the possibilities are endless!
  • Dimensions: 9' tall (open top), sides are adjustable from 6' to 10' wide

Video Booth

  • Have something to say? Let's capture it in the video booth!
  • This is great for weddings so your guests can leave you short video messages. Think of it as an interactive guestbook!
  • Perfect for launch parties or corporate events! Your guests can leave video testimonials which can be shared on social media. This is fun for your guests and great marketing tool for you!
  • Slow motion